Fleetone REV

The all-in-one card that allows you to charge or fuel your vehicles easily.

Nationwide coverage

The Fleetone REV cards gives you access to over 4,500 charge points in the UK.  The card can be used at all public charge points of : ESB Energy,  Osprey, Alfa Power, Char.gy, Hubsta, LiFE, Plug-N-Go, Fastned, Ionity, Shell Recharge and New Motion.

For hybrid vehicles or mixed fleets, the same card can be used to purchase unleaded and diesel at more than 3,500 UK Fuels Network sites, including Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, and Co-Op.

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Transparent pricing

Access to our e-Roaming Network is a £3 per month subscription per card. No contract, No set up fee, No minimum usage. The cards themselves are free of charge. We do not charge any extra for the electricity – the cost of the electric charging will be dependent on the pence per kW/h charging costs of the provider at the specific charging station used.

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Key Features

Fixed Pricing:
You pay the
charging price as set by the provider at each
charge point

Link Accounts:
Can be linked to your existing fuel account

Flexible Options:
Use with unleaded and diesel

Compatible with all EVs

Easy to use:
Use for both recharging and refuelling

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