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There are no commitments and you are completely flexible. Whether you want to rent for 28 days or for three years, you can return at any time.

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Get a contract hire solution for your vehicle. If you are planning on using your vehicle for the long term, this is the best option for your business.

A sale-leaseback arrangement

Change from ownership to leasing. We purchase your existing fleet, releasing the value so you can reinvest in your business.

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Frequently asked questions

Flexible Vehicle Hire allows you to hire a van, car or Pick up for as long as you need it (from 28 days). You can return it at any time, provided that it is returned within the agreed contract length (usually one year). You do not have to worry about providing insurance or even paying road tax.

Vehicle Leasing gives you a fixed contract period (between 2-4 years) during which time you are responsible for insuring the vehicle. At the end of your contract period, you return the vehicle and start the process again.

Our team can provide you with the right number of vans and cars for your business' needs, whether you're looking for a small selection or a large fleet.

The benefits of car and van hire include:

Flexibility: If you need a vehicle for a month, or even longer, then you can rent it without the commitment of buying. You’ll have no ongoing costs after the initial payment, so if your business needs change it’s easy to switch to another vehicle or contract length.

Cost-effective: The cost of hiring is often less than purchasing and paying for insurance, tax and maintenance. And with short term contracts available from just one week up to twelve months, there are plenty of options to suit your budget and business needs.

Easy to manage: Many companies offer flexible rental agreements that allow you to pay monthly instalments rather than paying all at once at the start of your agreement. This means you can pay off your vehicle in small chunks over time and spread out any financial risk involved with renting rather than owning a vehicle.

Whether you need one van to support your business or a fleet of several hundred working nationally round the clock for a blue-chip corporate, we have a solution that can meet your needs.

For the business-to-business rental solutions, you are expected to provide your own fully comprehensive insurance cover, either a fleet or a specific vehicle policy. We have available insurance cover through our specialist division, Radius insurance (recommended extra).

To register a specific vehicle insurance policy,  you must cite that the vehicle is for business use. It is also essential to supply an accurate estimation of annual mileage and note that a leasing /rental company is the vehicle’s registered owner.

The general age requirements to hire a vehicle are between 25-75 years old. You will also need a minimum of two years of driving licence and a maximum of six penalty points within the last three years.

In some instances, some car hire suppliers may add a daily fee for drivers under 25, commonly known as a “Young Driver Fee”.  For luxury vehicles, most suppliers will require you to be at least 30 years old.

The mileage limit always depends on the length of your hire agreement. Short-term business vehicle hire usually doesn’t have mileage limits. However, there are exceptions based on the vehicle type, location, and contract length. On the other hand, contract business van hire, also called leasing, does involve mileage limits as this affects the vehicle’s value after the lease ends.

All vehicles are costed and supplied based on an agreed annual mileage. If the vehicle is returned early, then the mileage is aggregated. This means the mileage covered is calculated annually and cross-referenced against the agreed annual mileage. A pence per mile charge is applied for the excess if it exceeds the agreed amount.

Hiring or leasing a vehicle gives the customer an opportunity to always keep a new operationally and financially efficient fleet. There are no depreciation costs to think about and costs such as service, maintenance, repair, replacement, road fund licence and recovery can be included.

You also have complete flexibility  to add, reduce, adapt and change your fleet, particularly in long-term flexible hire, where you can always adjust your fleet to meet your business’ changing requirements

If your hire/lease vehicle has been declared a ‘total loss’ (written off or stolen), you need to let us know as soon as possible. We require written confirmation from your insurance company that the vehicle is a total loss before providing an amount for settlement of the vehicle contract.

The vehicle will remain on hire until such time that it is settled, and payment is received from your insurance company. This includes any excess charges that need to be paid by the customer. Any replacement vehicle supplied will also be chargeable in all cases.

Yes, you will be asked to submit some information as part of the business account application process. This is required to assess your suitability and affordability for the solutions you need.

Your credit score is important. However, there are other factors as well that we will take into consideration when reviewing your application. This includes your ability to make regular payments on time and any other debts you may have. If you are an existing customer, we may look at your historic trading relationship with us.

When your hire/lease contract ends, your vehicle will be checked in, and you will need to inspect the vehicle and confirm its return condition. This will be recorded electronically, and we will note any additional items of damage that differ from when the car was originally supplied.

We operate in line with BVRLA fair wear and tear standards, so we will only apply changes we feel are necessary. A service level agreement is provided in all cases, clearly outlining our approach regarding additional charges and our policy for life and end-of-life repairs.

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