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While charging at your business premises is the cheapest and most efficient means of doing so, it might not always be the most convenient. If one or several employees are making regular use of an electric vehicle (EV) then they will need to utilise public charging points, which could prove to be expensive over time.  

For that reason, it makes sense to consider installing charging points at the employee’s homes. Whilst this will incur an initial cost, it’s likely that this will be quickly met and exceeded by the reductions compared to the costs of using public charge points.  

Are there any other benefits to installing a charge point at an employee’s home? 

Home charging isn’t just cheaper – it’s considerably more convenient too. Employees will be able to charge their vehicles overnight, which depending on the charge point will almost certainly ensure they have a full battery the following morning. 

For this reason, it can be viewed as an employee incentive, particularly if they use the EV for personal use. It could also potentially add value to their property should the charge point be viewed as theirs (which we’ll explain in more detail below). 

How much does it cost to install a charge point at an employee’s home? 

Individual charge point installation usually ranges from £400-800, with the final amount dependant on a few factors. As this isn’t a choice made purely by the business, you’ll need to discuss them with your employee. That said, a charge point at home delivers benefits for them, as well as enabling them to charge at their convenience it usually increases the value of the property. This translates as an opportunity to incentivise and reward your team alongside saving your business money.  

You’ll need to agree about where the charge point goes, how the cost of electricity is covered and who pays for the maintenance. These costs are all manageable through a simple administrative solution we deliver, and you’ll reward your employee and make them less reliant on the alternative, expensive public charge points. These benefits can ensure that you’ll quickly cover the initial outlay. 

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