EO Mini Pro 3

Incredibly powerful, uniquely mini.

Small and powerful

Enjoy the convenience of simple and fast charging at home with the EO Mini Pro 3. With its compact and innovative design, Mini Pro 3 -the same size as an A5 notebook is ideal for every employee’s house.

With power beyond its size, your employees can enjoy charging speeds of up to 7kW* (single-phase installation).

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Smart and easy to use

Unrivalled performance with Wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Limited internet access? Simply add 4G via sim card as an optional extra.

You can start and stop your charging remotely or can schedule your car charging at a specific time (EO App is required to use this feature).

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Efficient and adaptive

With built-in power balancing system allows you to charge more efficiently without overloading the power of your network.  It will distribute the available power equally between your electric vehicle and across your other electrical home appliances to make sure your home’s capacity is not overloaded.

The lightweight, durable, and weatherproof design enables versatile indoor or outdoor mounting that allows it to operate in -25°C temperatures.

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Key Features

Wall  or  post mounted,  suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

Restrict access using RFID or EO App (optional extra)

Power ratings:
Single phase up to 7.2kW / Three-phase up to 22kW

Plug Types:
Universal Type 2 socket or Type 2 tethered cable (model dependent)

215mm x 140mm x 100mm

 Wi-fi, Bluetooth & Cat 5 Ethernet as standard, 4G via Sim card (optional extra)

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*The maximum charge capacity of the charge point depends on several factors. This includes; local rules and regulations, the type of EV, the grid connection at your location and the electricity usage of your building. Most homes have single-phase grid connections that enable speeds of 7.4kW. Homes with three-phase connections can charge at speeds of up to 22kW for an additional installation fee.