Company Doesn’t Have Electric Fuel Cards

Company Doesn’t Have Electric Fuel Cards 

The UK’s transition to electric vehicles has warranted the development of new products and services to support and ease this transition. Electric fuel cards are one of these products that facilitate a smooth shift to zero emissions for companies choosing to go green.

Fuel cards for electric vehicles have been designed specifically to give fleet managers a familiar feeling during the switch to EVs. Because they work just like your regular fuel cards. Plus, you can use most of them for conventional fuel as well.

The best electric fuel cards on the market 

If you’ve already bought the first EVs for your company, it’s time you thought about your first electric fuel card.

There are many options on the market and, probably, even more will be launched. But it’s important to know what to consider when choosing your fuel card for electric cars.

  • Get a hybrid card. You’re not going to replace your entire fleet with EVs in one go. Changes take time. Make sure the fuel cards for electric vehicles you’re considering can be used for diesel and petrol as well.
  • Get a multi-network electric fuel card. Look for a card provider that bundles networks together. You’ll want the convenience of a card you can use at multiple networks, not just one.
  • Get an electric fuel card with great support. It’s important to choose a provider that understands how good customer support works. Choose an electric fuel card that comes with an online management account, where you can see details of the charging patterns and spending levels. Choose a provider that offers a live map app, showing which charge points are free.

Now, let’s talk actual electric fuel cards. At Radius, we have several options available to suit any business need you may have. And they check all the boxes we mentioned previously.

Fleet One REV – the all-in-one card 

Do you use electric company cars? Do you manage a mixed fleet on your way to fully transition to EVs? Either way, this electric fuel card will have you covered.

It has great coverage, giving you access to over 4,500 charge points in the UK. You can charge at all public charge points of: ESB Energy, Osprey, Alfa Power,, Hubsta, LiFE, Plug-N-Go, Fastned, Ionity, Gridserve, Shell Recharge and New Motion.

On top of that, fill up on petrol or diesel at more than 3,500 UK Fuels Network sites, including Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, and Co-Op.

Here’s how the Fleet One REV electric fuel card covers your demands:

  • Easy to use hybrid card. Use it to recharge or refuel and never worry about not finding a fuelling point nearby with its nationwide coverage.
  • Get any type of fuel. It may seem obvious, but there are cards specifically designed for electricity or just diesel. The Fleet One REV was designed for everything. Charge your EV or fuel your cars with unleaded or diesel.
  • Fixed prices you can count on. You pay the charging price as set by the provider at each charge point.
  • Easy management. You can link the account to your existing fuel account.
  • Easy invoicing. You get easy online access to all your invoices via Velocity.
  • Great extras. Use it to buy engine oil and AdBlue.

That’s not all! You don’t have to worry about hidden prices with this electric fuel card. The card is free. There’s no contract, no set up fee, no minimum usage. You pay the price per kWh set by the provider at the specific charging station used.

You pay a £3 monthly subscription per card to access our e-Roaming Network. That’s all!

Get a quote now! Our team will be happy to help.

BP Plus Hybrid – the electric fuel card with the amazing coverage 

If it’s really good coverage you’re looking for, the BP Plus Hybrid is the card for you. You get to recharge or refuel your vehicles at thousands of charging points and petrol stations.

How many exactly? Over 8,000 public charge points including over 400 rapid charge points and 100 ultra-fast chargers. That’s the card to give you peace of mind and settle any EV range anxiety you may have.

For hybrid company vehicles or mixed fleets, you can purchase unleaded and diesel at more than 1,200 BP stations and 2,200 partner stations, including Texaco, Gulf and Esso.

Consider getting BP Plus Hybrid for your electric fuel card to benefit of key advantages:

  • Link to your existing fuel account. It’s easy to do and makes it easy to manage.
  • Use it to buy diesel, unleaded or electricity at all BP stations and more.
  • It’s fully compatible with electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles to cover your entire fleet.
  • It gets you impressive coverage. It has one of the widest networks of all electric fuel cards.
  • It gets you access to hundreds of rapid charge points.
  • You get real-time online access to all your invoices.
  • Great service with 24/7 charge point customer support.

These aren’t all the perks you can get with this electric fuel card, the list goes on. If you’re interested to get one, contact us for a quote and we’ll get you set.

Why should you still use a fuel card once you’ve switched to EVs? 

While some things may change, like the way we fuel our vehicles, other things stay the same, like the way we pay for the fuel.

There’s a number of benefits to using fuel cards for electric vehicles.

You get access to a large number and range of charging points, rapid chargers included. You get an app to check where the closest charge point is, whether it’s free or not. This is a great feature as you won’t be driving around blindly only to find chargers busy.

There’s no need to keep hundreds of receipts. You’ll get HMRC approved invoices to reduce admin work and time.

Plus, you can get any kind of fuel you want with one card, whether you need unleaded, diesel or electricity.

How can Radius help? 

Charging to electric doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our electric fuel cards are designed to make things easy for you on multiple levels.

They cover fuel of all kinds for mixed fleets or companies that use full electric vehicles. They include thousands of charge points and petrol stations so you won’t be left stranded.

We make the transition to electric vehicles easier. Get your electric fuel card now and access all its benefits.

Contact us to get a quote for electric fuel cards or call us at 0330 828 2222 and our expert consultants will get you sorted.

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